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28 Amazing Photoshop CC Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

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0:38 - Whiten Teeth

1:23 - Merge all Layers to New Layer

1:50 - Rotate View Tool

2:49 - Change Layer Opacity Hotkey

3:57 - Choosing Layers Hotkey

4:11 - Move Layers Hotkey

4:35 - Change Units of Measure

5:07 - Add More Undo Steps

5:53 - Apply Pattern Along Path

6:55 - Create Filled Layer Mask

7:21 - Instantly Find Center of Document

7:48 - Quickly Change Color of Anything

8:35 - How to Paint a Selection

10:00 - Black \u0026 White w/ Channel Mixer

11:03 - Filling Text or Shape Layers

12:03 - Scale Layer Styles

12:57 - Precise Painting w/ Brush Tool

13:26 - Duplicate Anything

13:53 - Before/After Preview Hotkey

14:30 - Straighten a PSD Two Different Ways

15:08 - Bird's Eye View

15:25 - Clipping Mask Power

16:28 - Instagram/VSCO Fade Effect

17:06 - Hacking Selection Creation

17:25 - The Fastest Retro Effect

17:55 - Extract Assets for the Web

19:07 - Multiple Layer Styles

20:13 - Photoshop UI Easter Egg






In this video I’ll cover 28 great features, tricks, hacks, and more of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015; some simple, some difficult, some well known, some are more like Easter eggs. If you want to learn about multiple layer styles, layer mask tricks, whitening teeth, black and white photos, precision with the Brush tool, and a bunch more, this is the tutorial for you!

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In this video tutorial we're going to take a look at 28 of the coolest and most amazing little features and tips and tricks in Photoshop that you may or may not know about some of them you may have seen me do videos on recently but a bunch of them you probably haven't this is 28 great features of Photoshop that you may not have known about.

So in her article that I did a few months ago I outlined 28 great features of Photoshop that I thought you should know that's right 28 great features and that's because BuzzFeed doesn't do Photoshop so I mean someone has to so 28 great features of Photoshop let's get started I'm here the first thing is going to be quickly white and teeth we're gonna do this and probably the simplest most realistic way is not to just bleach white bleach teeth perfectly white but rather to use a vibrance adjustment layer I like to reduce the vibrance to about negative 68 negative 58 whatever select the mask it commander control I to flip and fill the mask with black then you grab the brush tool and I like to set the opacity of the brush tool to about 50% or so I'm painting with the color white and I'm just going to paint over her teeth I'm actually gonna make my brush a little bit smaller there and paint over the teeth now what this is going to do is it's gonna just neutralize enough of that color to give a nice realistic white there's before there's after looks white but not bleached white and that's important now this tip this tip is something special this is how to merge all of your existing layers to one new layer just like that okay I feel like I write this hot key it's a very long hot key in almost every tutorial that I write this is an important one too long hot key ctrl shift alt and the letter e so on the Mac that would be command shift option e you just have a layer selected boom you hit the hot key you save all of your layers but you have everything merged to a nice new layer up here the rotate view tool is a very important tool in something that is extremely useful when you are retouching and kind of all the time but especially retouching and using the paintbrush tool so if I'm painting I find that if if I if I draw strokes kind of a straight across my screen I'm a little bit more accurate with my brush tool so let's say I need to follow her hairline well if you hit the letter R the hotkey is R it brings you to what's called the rotate view tool and if your computer supports OpenGL or whatever the newest graphical card support system is for Photoshop at the time you're watching this tutorial you can use this tool and rotate temporarily this is only a temporary rotation and so is he switched to the brush tool and I can paint right in here get a nice accurate paint and then hit the letter R again row however I like her to be and let's say I have a rotated some crazy angle 140 54 degrees excuse me I can just hit the reset View button boom it brings her back just to the way it is supposed to be the rotate view tool very very useful there's a really neat and really fast way to change layer opacity and that's by just selecting the move tool and hitting any number you want let's say I want this I got this white band here I want it to be semi-transparent let's say I want to make it 70 percent opacity hit the letter or the number 7 boom 70 percent opacity let's say I want 75 in rapid succession go 75 and bam 75 percent opacity so that's pretty cool if you hold down shift as I just did and hit a number you can adjust the fill opacity so shift and let's say the number seven well that brings the 70% as you just saw but the letter there the number zero takes it back to 100 the same thing if I'm not hitting shift plus a number and hit the number zero takes me back to 100% opacity quick side tip on this main tip if you're using one of the brush tools like the brush tool or the clone stamp or anything like that you can hit one of the numbers and it's going to adjust the tool opacity and in not the layer opacity so if you want to adjust the layer opacity it's important to just to select the move tool it's just kind of like my go-to I hit the letter V which is the hotkey for the move tool and then boom hit a number and it changes the layer opacity in this case down to 50% that's how to quickly change layer opacity with numbers one of the other really neat things you can do in Photoshop is quickly select another layer just by holding down your alt or option key and using the square brackets so by hitting the left square bracket with the Alt key you move down the layers panel and the right square bracket you move up the layers panel in addition to be able to being able to select layers if you use instead the command or control key you can actually move that layer so if you hold command down and hit the left bracket you can actually move that layer downward and the right bracket moves the layer upward so I can move down grab this color layer and lift it up above my sharpening layer or I can move it back down below all just using hotkeys never actually clicking anything in the layers panel occasionally in Photoshop you need to measure something based on either pixels or inches or something of that nature you can quickly and easily change your unit of measure by going view rulers to show the rulers and then simply right-click on the rulers and change the unit of measure from pixels to let's say inches this is also going to change the unit of measure by the way over here in like the info panel when you drag out a selection see the width 8.8 by 5.5 that's going to be inches if I right click on this and set it to pixels now we see 1992 width by 1244 height in pixels so being able to undo as much as we want is a really great thing sadly we can't undo as much as we want but there are ways if you go edit preferences let's go edit preferences general that you can actually change the number of history steps which you can undo so we're going to come over here to performance and you can see I have my history state set to 101 just because why not but you can really increase this up or bump it down the more history states you have typically the slower Photoshop is going to run the more resources that's going to require so that's kind of why you might want to run a maybe less history States versus more but if you have a computer that is a beast run as many history States as you like it's really that easy and oh by the way if you're on a Mac you would go to the Photoshop menu Photoshop preferences boom so there's a somewhat unknown and very underused feature of Photoshop in fact I've never even really used it before but it's something I know about and it's kind of cool it is the ability to stroke a path with a pattern so here's how you do it you create a path just like this and then you would right-click on the path and don't choose stroke path instead choose fill path now here in the fill path dialog you're going to choose from the contents drop and you're going to choose pattern not any of the colors what pattern and then it's important here you want to check on script and the script you want to choose is place a long path not on this other brick fill whatever cross weave nonsense place a long path everything else can remain the way it is and hit OK what's going to happen is you're going to get a place along path dialog box where you can change the scale of the pattern make the pattern large or smaller spacing options all kinds of stuff you can play with hit OK and you're going to see it's going to place this funky-looking pattern all along your path again really not sure how you're going to use it but something that's kind of cool and there's got to be a really neat way to use it and really cool stuff you can do with it but just know that it's there you can stroke a path with a pattern in Photoshop you can apply a mask that's already filled with black so in this situation you see we have two layers here one is kind of like a warmer richer version of the photo but let's say we only want to apply this here to the paper well we can immediately hide everything by holding down our our alt or option key and just selecting the new mask icon boom gives us a mask already prefilled with black we can grab our brush tool we can just paint in our effect over the paper or kind of wherever we want let's say you need to find the center point in your Photoshop document very quickly well there's a very easy and very fast way to do this you can come up your under view and choose new guide layout I don't know if you ever use that before and just to set up a guide that is a two column width or I'm sorry two columns and two rows and you can see it runs a perfect guide right through the vertical and horizontal centers of your image and blammo there's the exact center of your image one of the coolest tricks in Photoshop that I've ever personally witnessed when I learned I actually learned it in a big group of people is how to quickly change the color of an object in Photoshop now this works especially well on very specular items stuff that's shiny like the side of this car stuff that already has a little bit of color in it if you have shiny and color already there this effect is going to work beautifully this couple and all looks like they're having a boy right because the car is nice and blue but let's say they just found out that it's actually a girl we can sample here grab the pink on her dress we have a new layer and I can just paint the car pink look it up beautiful or new pink car looks right well I think you and I both know this looks pretty awful well what we can do is Photoshop finishes catching up painting is we can just paint like that and then change the blend mode to color and just like that we have a beautiful pink car so if you're using Photoshop and you don't use the quick mask selection tool I think you're really missing out that is if you're creating any kind of selections with any sort of regularity quick mask is located right here now before you start using it your quick thing that I think you should do double click on the icon to bring up the quick mask options and the default is color indicates mask the areas I think you should set it to color indicates selected areas and here's why what all you have to do is click on the well all you do is click a single time on the quick mask icon to activate quick mask mode grab your brush tool or painting with the color black let's say we want to create a selection of this coffee mug right we can just paint over it really really quickly it's going to be a very very sloppy selection but you're going to get the point once I have this all painted in now if I hit the letter Q which takes me out of quick mask mode and by the way Q also puts you into quick mask mode you know before I get out of quick mask mode see how I'm painting with the color black if I hit the letter X and paint with white I can like clean this selection up here so I'm actually going to paint away some of my quick masks a selection right here in the handle right clean up some of that junk make that a little bit nicer around the edges there we're not going to be too perfect now if I just hit the letter Q it's going to load exactly where I painted as a selection I can't commander control J now pop the coffee mug up onto its own layer it's a crappy selection granted but it's a very rough selection we did it in literally seconds quick mask mode great to know how to use it and great to be able to harness the power of it in your own photo editing and Photoshop use in general so out of the roughly 10 thousand different ways to create a black and white image in Photoshop one of my favorite ways is right up here under image adjustments channel mixer and actually you can make this even better if you use a channel mixer adjustment layer but we go channel mixer and you can tick on monochrome and it actually gives you a black and white you can then play around with your color channels typically with a black and white it's a good idea to try to keep your total number as close to 100% as possible if you go too low you're going to just start dropping tones and if you go too high you're just going to blow tones out so let's just go with something that's a little bit more standard something like that whoa hello we're way too high let's drop or blues way down here something like yeah something like that looks kind of good maybe it's a little bright and just like that we've created a black and white it's just a different way to create a black and white I think it's kind of interesting it's a little bit different and every way of creating a black and white in Photoshop is a little bit different gives you different contrasts and different tone and detail and things like that so the monochrome mode in the channel mixer one cool way to create a black and white in Photoshop there's a super easy and super quick hotkey to change the color of text and even change the color of fill color layers and this even works for shapes so like I draw out a shape like this we can do the same thing with these kind of shapes I'm not going to do that for this tutorial but just know that this exact technique works there as well let's say we got relaxing day in bed written right up here we've got our swatches panel we want to change the color of that maybe to this really spring green call I select that set as my foreground color and hit alt backspace on the PC though the option delete on the Mac and we can fill that layer or that text in this case with that color we can also just select our solid color adjustment layer and apply it to that as well just using the same hotkey alt backspace though the option delete on the Mac we've totally changed the way this image looks I think for the worst so I'm actually gonna undo that but that's a really cool very speedy hotkey that you can use to change the color of blocks of type without having to you know highlight the whole thing and then change the color up here or whatever just set the colors your for set the color as your foreground color and then use the alt backspace or option delete hotkey when you've got some layer styles or even just a single layer style applied to a layer that you're going to go and scale submit a command or ctrl T to bring up free transform and maybe boost this make it 150 pixels wider and 150 percent more wide and 150 percent higher I apply that my layer styles have actually stayed the same as they were when they were much smaller when the text is much smaller I should say so in addition to scaling the layer contents up I need to scale the layers file up and I do that by going layer layer style scale effects and because I know I've gone up 150% sure enough I'm going to scale my layer effects up 150 150 % as well now one other quick way to get around this let's say you're not you know scaling and exact 150% you can actually just right click on your type layer and convert it to a smart object and when you do that and you scale it up everything kind of remains the same and you get nice beautiful layer style effects just like that when you're working with any kind of brush tool in Photoshop here I might want to add even more dodging and burning to this guy it's nice to be able to see the exact center of your brush tool you can do that by going edit preferences and choose cursors and check on show crosshair in brush tip hit OK and you can see now with our brush tool well it's actually the Dodge tool I can now see exactly where the center of my brush is so I can more precisely paint exactly where I need to paint when I am dodging and or burning this fella one great feature that is universally useful in Photoshop is the alt or option key virtually anything in Photoshop that you touch with the alt or option key means you're going to duplicate it whether on its a layer you just click and drag while holding the alt or option key or even a layer in the layers panel and holding the alt or option key in you can see I've duplicated actually the third yellow box now you can do it with multiple layers now I've got two additional yellow boxes the alt or option key use it to duplicate well anything as you work through and build up layer after layer after layer in your file sometimes you want to quickly go back and see what you started with so you can figure out pay if I made any progress or does this just look like crap you can do this very easily in Photoshop by holding down the alt or option key and selecting any layer eyeball and what it does is it shuts off all of the other layers except that layer so you can see now it takes me back to the original image which in this case I think actually looks better than all this junk we've added on top of it in Photoshop so the alt or option key and click any eyeball see there now we just have our black and white adjustment layer on oh and by the way you get out of this mode by holding on the alt or option key and clicking on that layer eyeball one more time in Photoshop there's a hidden tool hiding out underneath the eyedropper tool and it's the ruler tool which you can use to straighten images but before we get into this the newer better way to do this is actually to grab the crop tool hold down the command or ctrl key and you can see it switches to the ruler icon you can draw a straight line across well something that should be straight in your image and it's going to straighten it with the crop tool then you can hold down your Shift + alt or shift + option keys and just crop the image in commit the change and you'll have a nice straightened image now if you do want to do it the older way with the ruler tool it basically works the same way you just draw a line across something that should be straight and hit the straight and layer button up in the top bar that's it you can straighten images in seconds a pretty cool image navigation function of Photoshop is what's called bird's eye view this is when you're zoomed way in on an image and you want to get to another part of the image quickly you can just hold down the letter H and click and drag and zoom in on literally any other part of the image that you like very very quickly clipping masks are essential and really easy to use and really important stuff and they're super easy to learn how to use so here's what they are basically I have some type su York who ever used to do that I don't remember but New York over a photo of New York and we want to basically make the text of New York look like the inside of Grand Central Station well you can do that by holding on the alt or option key hovering between the zoo york text layer and the photo of Grand Central Station and clicking you're now clipping the vote of Grand Central to Zoo York but let's say the client says no no we can't go with the zoo York because that's someone else's property we need to say New York well check this out you can just double click and edit zoo to say New York maybe even.

Make that type a little bit smaller and you can see that all of it just edits because the image of Grand Central is simply clipped to our live layer of text it's a clipping mask super easy to use and very very powerful a must know feature in Photoshop at this point most of us have seen that visco style fade that vsco fade the Instagram fade whatever you want to call it here's how you can achieve something similar in Photoshop we're gonna go layer new adjustment layer and choose selective color in the Selective color adjustment layer basically all we're going to do is go to our neutrals and decrease the blacks by maybe I don't know negative 15 negative 20 something like that start to fade out some of the highlight mid-tone parts of our image and then also go to blacks and again drop the blacks about negative 20 you can see it really gives that rich black fade there's before there's after a nice Instagram viscose style fade for your photos or images or graphics or whatever in Photoshop let's say you're creating a selection of Photoshop like this and you drag it out and realize this is about the size you need but it's not positioned correctly well instead of just giving up and creating a new selection before you let go and commit the selection hold down the spacebar key and you can move the selection around to get the perfect positioning on your selection it's that easy maybe the fastest and easiest way to get a retro effect on your photo is to do this go down here and choose to add a solid color layer to your image I'm going to go and add a bright blue it's important you want to add a bright blue set the blend mode to the layer or the blend mode excuse me of exclusion and then reduce the opacity down so I don't know 25 26 something like that and you kind of a pretty cool pretty stereotypical looking retro faded style image there's before there's after take seconds if you do a lot of work with web graphics and UI and Photoshop this is going to be a great tip for you you can export multiple layers as separate files all names whatever you have named your layers check this out we've got tags Rado progress bar is switches thing and also some other miscellaneous stuff buttons and whatnot this is all from 365 PST com really great site by the way if you never checked it out what you can do is just a select all the layer select the top layer hold down the shift button and select the lowest layer right click and choose export as and then an export as dialog box is going to pop up where it's processing and doing all this stuff but basically here in the export as dialog box when it you know finally appears here we go you have all four layers as you can see line up we're exporting them as PNG s it's not exporting a background it's it's preserving the transparency which is great obviously you can export as jpg PNG a jiff SVG anything like that all that is amazing but it's also automatically trimming these images down so it's just the asset that we need this is a 166 by 212 image this radial progress bars is 108 pixels by 108 pixels so photoshop's really doing you a lot of favors you can quickly export a big batch of graphics just by using the export as command in Photoshop one of the latest and greatest well maybe not greatest but one of the latest new features in Photoshop is the ability to add multiple layer styles you can double click on a layer kind of anywhere and bring up the layer style dialog and the layer styles that have this additional plus next to them means you can add multiples of that layer style let's just play with stroke it's kind of the easiest to see take on to add a nice white stroke we'll just add a 50% opacity white stroke 10 pixels let's add another stroke now alright so this stroke we're going to play around with we're going to make it even bigger we're going to make it maybe 20 we're going to make it the color red just so it sticks out opacity of 100% and let's do another stroke here this one we're going to make you know bright green will increase the size even more something like that and then commit okay so there you go you can Stoke stroke stroke stroke three strokes all stacked up all in there making this these arteries text look positively horrendous but you do have the ability to add multiple layer styles and that's pretty cool you just have to do it you know and make it look half decent that's all so the last little tip in this video of tips is more of an easter egg in Photoshop you can go to the Edit preferences interface now on the that would be Photoshop preferences interface and you can do something here when you're choosing a color thing by holding down command or ctrl shift alt so the ctrl shift alt and click on the PC or command shift option click on the Mac and you get little coffee mugs or if you do it again you get slices of bread to determine the darkness or brightness of your Photoshop UI I'm going to leave mine at what I like and that's the not darkest but not even medium gray setting and that's it 28 features and styles and. Just things you can do with Photoshop that I think we're going to help you in Photoshop that are maybe some hidden things you can impress friends with or just generally good tools to have in your toolbox good paintbrushes to have in your paintbrush holder if you will so that's it for this one get it got it good Daniel Dodson Tut vidcom and I'll catch you in the next video hey wait stop before you click away from this video I just want to remind you if you enjoy the video go ahead and hit that little like button it helps this video go up and going up is what I like that's what we want to do if you also have a couple more seconds go ahead and leave a comment that's cool too that's it for this one if you enjoyed this video check out either of these two videos right here for more of the stuff that I do this hand's weird right there thanks guys

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