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Layers and masks for beginners - Photoshop

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Links to more videos and full course outline below

In this tutorial I will step through Photoshop Layers and Masks for Beginners.

Are you a Photoshop beginner?

Are you confused by Photoshop Layers and Masks?

Don't worry, I was too. Thats why I have created this easy to follow comprehensive tutorial on Layers and Masks for beginners.

What is a Photoshop Layer Mask?

A layer mask is one of the most important tools within photoshop, basically, a layer mask controls where each adjustment layer is applied, its actually very easy, I promise

What is an Adjustment Layer?

As you might guess, an adjustment layer is exactly that, a layer that adjusts your photo, there is really no limit to what an adjustment layer can do, wether it be, brighten, darken, add contrast, boost colour it is all done via an adjustment layer.

There is no limit to what you can or can't do in Adobe Photoshop, if you can imagine it, you can create it!!!

One of the major benefits of using layers and masks in Photoshop is the fact that every edit applied is completely reversible, edit your photo, save the layers, come back at any time and adjust your edit!

If you are a beginner, let me know if this tutorial helped you to understand Layers and Masks once and for all :)

*The Easy Way to learning Photoshop Adjustment Layers and Masks.

*Perfect for beginners

*Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary with Adobe Photoshop!

* Photoshop Tutorials for Landscape Photographers !!!

Complete course available at https://www.easywayphotography.com.au

Essentials (Beginner) Complete Course Content

Essentials (Beginner) Pre-course

* Essentials Workflow: Pre-course Notes

* Things you will need

* View in HD

* Check your Junk :)

Essentials Workflow – In Action!

* Essentials: Example Photo Downloads

* Easy Way Photography Workflow Guide

* Keyboard Shortcuts Print out

Workflow Step 1 - Essentials

* Set up Your Lightroom Folders

* Import Photos – Adobe Lightroom

* Raw Pre-Processing – Adobe Lightroom

* Raw Noise Reduction and Sharpening

* Export to Photoshop – Adobe Lightroom

* Open Photos Direct into Photoshop

* Raw or Jpeg?

Workflow Step 2 - Tools and Techniques

* Customise Your Photoshop Workspace

* Customise your Tool Panel

Workflow Step 2 - Essentials

* Easy Colour Correction

* Straighten Horizon

* Easy Dust Removal

* Auto Curves

Workflow Step 2: Essentials Walkthrough

Workflow Step 2 - Challenges!

* Challenge! Workspace

* Challenge! Crop: Straighten

* Challenge! Spot Healing: Dust Removal

* Challenge! Colour Correction: Neutralize

Workflow Step 3 - Tools and Techniques

* Crop Tool

* Brush Tool

* Smooth Brush Technique

* Paint Outside the Lines

* Elements of the Layer Stack

* Photoshop Layers and Masks for Beginners - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78ZIqyA9YN0

Workflow Step 3 – Essentials Walkthrough

Workflow Step 3 - Short Reference Videos

* Basic Masking Technique

* Basic Curves Adjustment Layers

* Hue & Saturation: Saturation

Workflow Step 3 - Challenges!

* Challenge! Brush: Gradient

* Challenge! Basic Masking.

* Challenge! Saturation

Workflow Step 4 - Essentials

* Save your Files

Workflow Step 5 - Tools and Techniques

* Basic Image Re-sizing

* Basic Noise Reduction

* Basic Sharpening

* Convert into sRGB for Web

* Workflow Step 5: Essentials Walkthrough

Essentials Workflow – Complete Walkthrough

Bonus Content! - Visual Direction

* Visual Direction – Reveal / Conceal

* Visual Direction 2

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