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How to Warp Text into a Shape In Photoshop TUTORIAL

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In this Photoshop Tutorial, I will be using Photoshop Cs6 to show you how to warp and transform words and text into a shape or object. By request, I will be morphing the text layer into the shape of lips.

Steps involved:

1. Place guide image or shape onto background and lower opacity to act as a placement guide.

2. Create your text layers, keeping in mind that the more piece out your phrase, the more of a custom result you can achieve.

3. Rasterize, or convert the text into a shape layer so you can warp it.

4. Warp the text using Edit - Transform - Warp, and pull at the grid to align it to your background guide image.

5. Repeat for all letters and words keeping perspective and placement in mind!


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