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Выделение и маска/Уточнение краев в фотошопе

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Все видео пользователя: Kyryl Savin.

В этом видео я расскажу вам о настройках Выделение и маска, которые позволяют делать все что связано с выделением.

➤Музыка в видео взята с канала - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aEa...

➤В видео используеться Adobe Photoshop СС 2017, ссылка на скачивание - https://toloka.to/t77788...

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Hello everyone! In this video we'll talk about refine edge settings for selection Select any selective tool and go to refine edge However, at first you can select an object but it shouldn't be done with a high-quality editing every detail. All you need is to get general outlines.

Let's start to overview all settings Here we have a view. Marching ants That is our selection Overlay - quick mask mode, also on black background on white background, black and white mode and on a layer We can also change background opacity, go from one mode to another - key F.

Radius Here we regulate edges of our selection If our image has soft edges increase radius, clear edges - decrease Smart radius Is an automatic setting, depending from image in different areas, the radius will be set with the width needed Next Global refinement Smoothing allows us to move from clear to soft edges.

Feathering is like radius for smoothing Contrast, when increase edges become clear Shift edges Here we can increase or decrease edges of a selection If we have selected too big or too small area We can adjust selection using this setting Invert We can select a background and using this option go to object selection There are also settings for an export We can select layer mask, new layer new layer with a layer mask, new document And a new document with layer mask We can also remember settings to use them later Moreover, we can select an option - Show edges Now we'll decrease radius And select show edges again. As we see the width of our edges has reduced We can select an option show original to see the original selection OM the left side there are settings There is a quick selection tool There is a brush for selecting wool and hair Next, round brush Here we can go from adding brush to extraction brush.

And change it's size, change rigidity it's angle, make it more flat.

We can select an area using lasso tool and rectilinear lasso tool There is a zoom tool We can increase image size and move on it using a hand tool Let's start to select our object now I'll do this in quick mask mode I'll take a brush and start to paint unnecessary areas If needed go to adding brush Don't forget to regulate a size Use hand tool for moving around.

When finished go to marching ants mode And see what we have Now I will also add smoothing a little and feathering, that will make edges softer That what we have in a result As we see refine edge is a separate interface which allows to select objects from start and to a finish In this example we don't see a big profit of using refine edge.

Besides of smoothing Now we'll try to select a squirrel using special brush for a wool Immediately go to refine edge Here I will also change mode to black and increase opacity I will select it using lasso tool.

And now work with edges using brush

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