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Рекламный коллаж в фотошоп "MOUNTAIN DEW"

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Hello, welcome to my channel. My name is Berezhnenko Valera. Today, I would like to show. How I had done this photomanipulation. This time I will not do it in the style of speed art. I decided to change the format And disassemble everything already on the finished layers in the psd file. That is, to see how it was added..

Let’s start. And initially, I will show a sketch which I drew earlier..

The Idea was taken by me on the website "behance". It was the advertisement of the drink..

I liked this Idea and I decided that I would make something similar. I have added the top plane of a cube, then I have created two more additional planes,.

That is front side and bottom. Thereby the cube has been made. Then I have applied a photo with texture of a reef to the lower plane and have reduced opacity of a layer to 28 percent..

Further I have added also a layer with a bottom only already without reef, and have reduced to him opacity to 58 percent and have changed the blending modes to screen. Then I have added two layers with stones, naturally I have made them more transparent..

Then I have added layer with bubbles, and have added to him the correcting I have changed its blending modes on overlay layer of levels and have improved a little contrast in him..

After, I have added a layer of a white fill, so I tried to simulate the glass. Then I added a shadow and side edges..

If you zoom it, you will be able to see them. Turn the folder "UNDER WATER" And go to the folder "OVER WATER". Here, to our plane, I added a layer with the.

Sea as a clipping mask. The only thing is that during the process of creating a picture.

I had to combine the layers with the sea and the island, but I kept everything in a separate file. Therefore let’s look at him..

Roughly, It looked like , the only thing that these parts of the island were taken from these pieces..

I tried to carefully adjust them. And then I joined them. Next, I added another layer with the sea and changed the blend mode to soft light.

And slightly adjusted it in color. Then, I added a rock and vegetation on it. The rock and vegetation I mostly drew by hand, so I added a layer with the texture of the stone in blending.

Mode "overlay" and with a transparency of 60 percent. With the help of a corrective layer, I adjusted it in color and in principle everything I did also with.

The right side. And of course I added a red boat. Now let's move on to the folder with the drink. Turn on its visibility, then I added.

A correction layer with a curve as a clipping mask and a little darkened part of the object..

Then I added a straw and a shadow from the glass..

Palms, I think everything is clear. Let's see how the background was created.

First I added a layer with a light green color and labeled it as a table, then I added a light yellow soft spot. Then I added another layer half-filled with light green color, adding a radial gradient, and added the same soft spot to the wall..

Then I added a shadow, a cloud and a foam on the edges of the cube. Then I added the stones that lie ahead of our object. Let's see what we have in this folder..

Of course, the stones themselves I slightly adjusted the color of the curve Added shadows to them and reflection. I made a reflection because we have a puddle in the bottom where the stoneswill be reflected..

Let's look at the puddle it in our folder "water", a simple outline with the effect of stamping and adding various textures of water..

I reduced the transparency of the folder to 50 percent. Well, the last layer is a shadow under our object..

Then I combined all the layers, and in the Camera raw filter I twisted the brightness of the whole picture. That's all. If you liked it, subscribe to the channel, join the group in vkontakte..

See you soon!.

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