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Photoshop CC Tutorial - Fantasy Sunset Fall Color Effects

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In this video you will see, how to replace the sunset to the background \u0026 adding blur effect, how to get fantasy fall color effect in photoshop cc.

Stock Images.

Model : http://faestock.deviantart.com/art/Mea...

Sunset : http://koko-stock.deviantart.com/art/s...

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Let's rock and roll !! first, duplicate the layer use Camera raw filter, we will adjust the background color to yellow.

Duplicate it once more ! then Make selection on the model. you can use your favorite Selection Tool.

I'll speed it up to save your time.

Add a Mask to the Layer..

Use Refine Mask to refine the edge on the model and on the Hair too.

Click OK when you done..

Load the Selection on the Model by holding Ctrl + Click on the Mask then Expand the Selection by 20 px.

Make sure select the background then Fill (Shift + F5) with Content-Aware.

Ctrl + D to deselect.

Use the Clone Stamp tool (S) to fix the blurry parts.

Use the Crop tool (C).

Add a Mask to the background then use the Linear Gradient Tool (G) with black & di like so.

Use the Move tool (V) to add sunset to the project.

Ctrl+T to resize it.

Merge the Sunset & the Background image in to one Layer. use the Tilt-Shift blur filter to blur the Background.

Ctrl+I to invert.

Create a new adjustment layer - Gradient Map. then select the following Preset using Hue blending mode.

Next, create some adjustment layers to make color tone

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