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NEON TEXT Effect | Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial

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In this photoshop tutorial we will see how to create neon text effect.

For this tutorial i have used 2 different fonts, one is popular neon font and another is script font. Instead of just having a single text sign i wanted add verity, so i combined two different colors and fonts with some line elements.

And for background i used the stranded brick wall texture used in all neon text effects. We will first make the wall texture dark so when we add glow effect to neon text, it will stand out easily.

Nothing much to this text effect, once you practice a little, you can recreate entire effect in under 15 minutes using photoshop.

So i hope you learn something from this tutorial, have a good day :)

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In this video I'm going to show you how to create this neon text effect using Photoshop so let's get started.

Hey what you guys through here and as against it this is the final output and from the layer panel you can see that effect is not that complicated it's pretty easy let's go this is the wall where we will work if you want to use this the download link in is in description you can go to file and open any wall texture you like first of all you don't even have to unlock the wall no need just create any adjustment layer and then select curves and in the curves go and make it darker it depends on your photo how dark you have to make it for this one keep it somewhere around here and then close it after that go and create another adjustment layer and this time select black and white so we can get rid of all the colors inside photo then close it then create another adjustment layer in this time select a solid color in the solid make sure color is total black hit OK and then in the opacity go and make it 50% so wall is lot more darker and then create another adjustment layer and this is the final one go and select gradient in the gradient and make sure that when you apply it your color here is black and white if you don't have it just press D key on your keyboard and you'll have it after that create a new gradient layer and in the gradient will make sure you select foreground to transparent hit OK in the angle it's 12 in the style it's. Gonna be radial and make it rivers so dark corners are on the outside that's it then hit OK so now as you can see compared to original wall this one is a lot more darker and moodier now let's add in the text and for that select your type tool and the first I'm gonna write the word ahem in M and for that I'm using the font beyond if you want to use any font that I use in this video or the photo the download link is in description so click here and type the word go and confirm it and to make it bigger simply press ctrl T hold the shift key and make it however big you like so I think this is fairly big then go and confirm it now we have to change color of the font for that double-click on the T then click here and the code is 0 0 f.

C/f e it's really bright cyan color that's it hit ok now we have to apply some layer styles to it for that right click and select blending options the first one I'm going to apply is Bill and emboss to give the font a little bit of depth but not too much in the style it's going to be inner bevel and the technique is smooth depth will be 272 direction is up and in the size it's going to be 27 and in the soft and it's going to be 5 angle and altitude is 30 counter is default here is the important part in the highlight make sure your color sorry blend mode screen and color is white with opacity being 100 on the other hand we don't need any shadows so just make the opacity zero and we should be good after that I'm going to apply a shadow so for that click on drop shadow option now at the moment it will be a little bit difficult to see unlike the effect of shadow because we don't have any lighting going on but I'll show you at the end in the blend mode it's going to be multiplied a pasady 35 angle is going to be 30 here are the things that we will change in the distance it's 21 spread is zero and the size is 18 that's pretty much it nothing else hit okay now we have to make a copy of this world mm for that simply press ctrl J now on this copy we don't need any layer styles so you can right click and select clear layer styles so all of them are gone after that we have to turn it into smart objects so we can apply blur to it for that again right click and select convert to smart object now if your Photoshop is really really old you should select rasterize type you will also be able to apply blur here select convert to smart object then go to filter blur and then select Gaussian blur and now amount of blur depends on what kind of lighting you want and the more blur you have the more powerful it will look and also it will fade a lot more for me sixty six looks alright it okay and since we have smart object you can always double click here and go back change it however you like and now we have to work on another word and for that I'm going to use different font I have my type already I'm gonna click somewhere else on the screen and type the word shady because that's his nickname now to change the font double-click on the T and here I'm going to go and select tail off Hawks pretty unique name for the font so as you can see this is what your font should look like I'm gonna select my move tool and move it somewhere around here like this to make it big again press ctrl T hold your Shift key and make it bigger a little bit and then go and confirm it now let's change the color of word shady for that again double click here go to your color palette and the code is FF eight zero zero one basically really bright orange hit OK and again we will apply some layer styles on this as well right click and select blending options just like the last time we will apply bevel and emboss this is default inner smooth but in the depth it will be actually 136 the size will be 5 and the soft turn will be 7 rest is same just like the last time after that I'm going to apply a drop shadow on this one as well here everything is just like the last time multiply black opacity 35 angle is same 30 but in the distance I'm gonna make it 24 just a little bit more than the other world and after that I'm gonna apply outer glow so click on the outer glow and apply a little bit of it not too much I think maybe 40% looks nice we can always change it so for now this looks good hit OK I'm also going to press ctrl T and rotate the word a little bit and again just like the last time I'm gonna make copy of it press ctrl J so we have a copy and on the copy later right-click and select clear all layer styles and then again right click and convert to smart object we will go to a filter blur and Gaussian blur and apply little bit of blur whatever looks good for the word I think this looks really nice and then hit OK and you can put this copy layer under your original world so the glow doesn't overtake too much and just like here okay basic glow is ready now we have to draw those lines and for that I'm going to use shape layers so right click here and select your rectangle tool and draw a really really nice thin rectangle like this and if you make it too big don't worry just press ctrl T and you can manage it super easy here confirm it and I'm also going to select my move tool and move it down and in this type of situation use your arrow keys so you have a lot more control for the top line I'm gonna change the color to orange and so you can double-click on this little box here and then in the picker just click on this to make it Orange hit OK close it now I'm. Gonna make another copy of it so press ctrl J and select your move tool and put the line here somewhere around here now for this I'm gonna change it to cyan color so double click on the box and change the color to cyan click here hit OK now to place both of this lines here as well just hold your control key and select both of this lines as you can see here and then press ctrl J so you will have copy of both those layers then hold your shift key and drag it here like this now I'm gonna go and activate my rectangle one here and then right-click go to blending options in the blending option go and apply outer glow and in outer glow make sure you use the same color of the strip so orange strip orange glow and the size depends on whatever type of glow you are looking for 80 looks nice on this one it okay then do it for all of them right click blending option outer glow and in the color picker this time I'm going to select cyan so we have nice Anglo it okay okay.

Looking pretty good now I'm going to crew up all of the lines so it's easier to manage click on your rectangle one hold your shift key and click on the top rectangle then press ctrl-g so all of them are in single group now let's zoom out and see how the overall effect looks I think it's going pretty great now I'm gonna apply the big glow that goes really far away and for that create a new blank layer on top of everything here and you can also rename it to like overall glow now for this you will have to use your brush tool so activate brush tool and then pick up a color from the font so hold your Alt key and click on your font so you pick up the really nice cyan color and in the opacity make it somewhere around like 30% make your brush little bit smaller then right click make sure hardness is also 0% and then paint on the word like this if you think it's a little too much press ctrl-z and make your brush a little bit smaller and then try again I think this one looks nice make sure that this color doesn't overlap the word shady in the different color too much for that I'm gonna go and again pick up another different color and then do a click like this.

Once you are happy with all the globe go to your opacity and change it to 30% and in the blend mode go and change it to screen and then you can start increasing your opacity until it looks at the way you want and this way you can add overall glow not only that once this is done you can go to your filter blur and then go to Gaussian blur and apply lots of blur to make it you know even smoother if you want that so I think on 80 90 percent blur this looks really nice and hit okay now I'm gonna show you how to make everything bigger and smaller at once including glow for that activate the first word the copy here then hold the shift key and click the glow at the top everything is selected then press ctrl-g so it's simple group and it's easy to manage now you can press ctrl T and the box will pop-up simply hit OK then hold your Shift key and if you want to make it bigger make it big.

And now for the final step this is optional I'm not sure even if I like it or not but to do that create new adjustment layer and then select curves in the curves make everything a little bit brighter from here and then a touch darker from here so we have a bit more contrast in the photo then go to your blue channel in the blue channel add a little bit of yellow not too much and then a little bit of blue in the shadows and then make it touch darker from here and close it it depends. If you like it or not but it can help you achieve give effect a wholesome feeling you know that everything belongs in one place so I really hope that you guys learn something from this video and if it did hit that like button and if you have any kind of questions or suggestions ask me in comment section below if you want to check out more videos by me you can click on any of these boxes and you can also subscribe to my channel so every time I upload a new video you will get the updates until then good bye take care and have some fun with Photoshop

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