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Photoshop Text on a Circular Path

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Все видео пользователя: Eric Renno.

Text on a Circular Path for Elements here: http://ali2.ru/g1WEok8z

In this video for TipSquirrel.com I show you how to make a circular logo using the shape tool and then adds text on a circular path.

Other tips include stoke width on a shape and multiple windows for one image.

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Hello I'm Eric Renault and this a video for tip squirrel comm the website for everything Photoshop Lightroom Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop Elements in this video I'll be creating concentric circles to start a logo and putting text on a path more specifically I'll be putting text in a circle let's jump into Photoshop and find out how it's done so here we are in Photoshop and the first thing I need to do is open a new documents I'm going to go to file and new I'm going to call this one round logo I'm going to make it 800 pixels wide and then just tab down till I get to height 800 and resolution of 300 pixels per inch RGB color 8 bits fine background white pick okay we're off and running now to get the concentric circles what I'm going to do is use the ellipse tool there we go and the great thing about the ellipse tool is I can click down and then tell it exactly what size I want it to be and I can draw them all from the same point from the center but clicking on the dead center every time is not an easy task at all so it needs a bit of preparation and in fact the preparations probably going to take longer than drawing the circles but it saves a lot of time in the long run so I'm going to click cancel I'm going to go to view new guide and vertically choose to 50% and press Enter and view.

New guide and go horizontal and 50% 50%.

Press Enter so now we've got our cross but still it's very easy just to be a few pixels off so we want to keep zooming in but that's going to be a waste of time so I'm going to go to window arrange and a new window for round logo and sure enough it's opened up another window but I can't see it so I'm going to go to window arrange and go to up vertical and it puts them side by side so I'm going to get the brush tool here and paint on this one you'll notice that it paints on this one too it's the same document but open twice in control Z to undo that if we're gonna get the move tool I can move these around so once much smaller than the other if I get to that kind of stage and then I can on this one click on the top here just to highlight this one I can come across into the middle and then zoom in and try and keep it roughly in the center if I can it's not easy to find if you lose it there's a word of warning for you here we go because it's so small it's very easy to scooch past I will do me there. We go we're as close as we need to be now good now if I go and get the ellipse tool I'll make sure that I'm making a shape I can click on this cross here with some certainty that I'm getting it right in the middle and then I can choose for my first Circle 800 pixels by 800 pixels and from the center should be checked and I'm going to click OK and there's our first one it's the wrong color but that's easily sorted I'm going to click on the swatch for fill at the top here and then I can click on this icon here to bring up the color picker and using RGB I can dial in the exact cause I want which is 0 100 and then 70 and click OK and now my circle is exactly as I want it with the ellipse tool again and go and click on the cross to create my second circle this time 750 by 750 from Center click OK now we can't see it because it's a green circle on top of a green circle but in this case I want to stroke on it of white and I want the stroke to be 3 points that's that circle done one more let's go in and click on the cross and then this one wants to be for 35.4 35 from the center click ok this one wants to be black. Annie wants to be 4 points and we're. Done we've now created our concentric circles for our round logo as easy as that so now we need to put.

Some text around it what I'm going to use the ellipse tool again and I'm going to use my trick of clicking in the middle on my new window but this time I want to create a path so I click on there and this time I want my path to be 5 1 5 by 5 1 5 and click OK now you can't see anything has changed but there is a new path there it is but if I click on the tab for this window you should then see the path appear there we go nice now go over and get the. Text a tool and I'm going to make sure that everything is reset so I'm going to open the character pad if you haven't got it here you might want to go to window and character I'm with the flyout menu just choose reset character if you've been filling about with anything else it will make sure that it's all back to its default and as I'll stay in the character pod and I'm going to choose my font I'm going to type it in left ar e right and there it is Freight sounds black I've searched the internet this is available for free and it's also available to buy which it should be I really don't know so I'm not going to give you any links just in case I'm giving you one for free and it should be bored and I'm getting you to buy something that's free so I'm not going to chance it I'm going to make it 30 points high and everything else.

Can stay as it is let's do white good now when I bring my cursor back on to my circles here and come down to the line or the path you'll see how it changes from the normal text box to this one with a squiggly line thread and that means you're going to type on a path I've also made sure that I'm sent to justified by the way so that when I click in the middle that will be the middle of my text I just click down and then I can start typing tip squirrel well good now I asked you to reset all.

These because these do affect how your text will appear for example we can make this much wider like this let's go back. To 100% showing or we can change the. Distance between all the letters as well should we wish see how they're much more space down but for me I'm going to keep it all is the default for this particular one but it is there and it's probably something I'll come back and fill with a bit later on good let's now put on the other text which is PS nuts we want down the bottom so let's go and collect our path again just make sure it's all selected and again with our text I'm going to come down here and then in the middle our cursor changes click and I can choose PS or I can tie the PS nuts now unfortunately it's upside-down but that's okay remember how I highlighted this path go and get my direct selection tool come over to my work path and if I come across into this excuse me into the PS nuts type path and come into this little area here you'll notice how the cursor now changes to one with two black arrows if I click and then drag I'm dragging it upwards you can see that it snaps in now what I was doing there was I was actually moving accidentally left to right which is why this move left to right so if you'd wanted to place it somewhere different in your circle that's exactly how you do it but I just wanted it up and then I can release now although it's the right way up it's in the inside of the circle not the outside that's okay we've got another little button here which I can then click and drag across and of course I'm doing it the wrong way let's go the other way so I'm going to the left now to make it a negative number and back just to squeeze it up and then there we are we have now created all our letters around our circle and they are perfectly aligned now let's put those stars on shall we so I'm going to use a shape this time I custom shape tool and there's my star if you haven't got to start in your drop-down list you'll need it from shapes I've already done that so that's the one I'm after let's click on that one now I'm going to hold shift and drag it out you'll remember that I change this to a path so I'm drawing a path I didn't want to do that I want to change this back to a shape if I hold out shift there we go that's better and I might pop just so it's on the line there good go back to my layers it will be there somewhere there it is and let's say change that one show you let's change the color of that to the white good now I'm going to. Ctrl J to duplicate that and then get my move tool and drag it across and there we have it we've now created our logo for me there's just one thing missing which is the head in the middle so I'm going to go and get that this icing on another screen and I'm just going to click and drag it in I'm going to hold shift so it goes into the middle there it is let's click OK it's gone into Adobe Camera Raw there and I'm going to say ok but it's a smart object I don't want it as a smart object I'm going to rasterize that I need it the other way around I need it white on black so I get an image and then adjustments and I can inverse that here we go invert and then you can change the blend mode from normal to screen and sure enough there's my logo I'm going to ctrl T to transform it hold down shift just to keep it all nice and straight there we go and I'm all done so I can close this window down I can then hide or clear my guides let's clear that out the way patrol zero to fit it on the page and there we are I'm all done there's my logo I might want to have a little bit of a shuffle around with some of the things that stars don't look very central to the lettering but they're easy fixes I'm Eric Rennick thank you very much for watching I hope you've enjoyed this I'll see you next time

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